International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

The Impact of Cooperative Learning Strategy on the Accomplishment of Selected Athletics Skill and Some Physical Abilities among Pupils
Bassam A. Mismar, Elham M. Al-Harahsha

The study aimed to identify the impact of cooperative learning strategy on the accomplishment of athletics skill (long jump)and some physical abilities. The sample of the study consisted of (20) students from the Syrian refugees affiliated to Jerash district in North Jordan. An instructional program was formed by using cooperative strategy to teach selected athletics activities along with some physical abilities. The program was applied for six weeks in order to identify its impact on improving performance of the pupils in the dependent measures.Quasi-experimental approach was chosen as a research design to test the hypothesis of the study.Statistical methods represented by arithmetic means, standard deviations, variation coefficient, correlation coefficients and t-Test were used for data analysis. The results of the study showed that the instructional program based on cooperative learning strategy has a positive effect on learning athletics skill and showed significant enhancements in the level of physical ability tests in post-test measurements. The researchers recommend applying the instructional program based in cooperative learning to teach different athletics curricula.

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