International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Determination of Exercise Intensity that Elicits Maximal Fat Oxidation on a Body Weight Supported Treadmill in Normal Weight Males
Toni T. LaSala

Purpose: To determine the exercise intensity that elicits maximal fat oxidation while walking at 100% to 75% on a lower body positive pressure treadmill (LBPP) in normal weight men. Results: Peak oxygen consumption (V̇O2peak) was significantly lower (p<.001) at 75% BW compared to 100% BW where fat oxidation (FO), and respiratory exchange ratio (RER) were not significantly lower (p>.05) at 75% BW compared to 100% BW. Conclusion: Unweighting on the LBPP can be used as a low to moderate intensity exercise intervention for normal weight individuals by reducing force, improving exercise tolerance, as well as maintaining cardio respiratory demand.

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