International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Total Dynamic Head Determination Model for Submersible Pumps Installation
A.A Atoyebi, B.O Akinnuli, J.A Ajobo

In Nigeria, the rate at which borehole drilling is extensively adopted is very high both at rural and urban areas. Total dynamic head is the major factor that determines the optimal performances of submersible pumps. If the total head on the system increased, the volume of the discharge will be reduced proportionally until its stops. The factors considered during the model development are: pumping level, vertical rise, friction losses via: insert coupling, threaded adapter(plastic to thread), 90°standard elbow, Standard Tee(Flow Through Run), Standard Tee(Flow Through Side), Gate valve and Swing Check Valve, total length of the pipe, fittings equivalent of pipe, number of same fittings, and friction loss of head per 100feet (30.48 m)of pipe. In order to validate the model, data was collected from Osun State “Rural Water and Environmental Sanitation Agencies” (RUWESA). The data were used to compute: the pumping level, vertical rise and the friction loss. The summation of these three parameters gave the value the Total Dynamic Head (TDH) to be 737.31ft or 224.88m for this case study. Total dynamic head calculation will help to minimize and eradicate replacement or repair of pumps which can also maximise profit or minimize cost of production for industrial purposes and for domestic use purposes. TDH couple with flow rate either Gallon Per Minute(GPM) or Gallon Per Hour(GPH) will help to select adequate pump in horsepower from the performance curves graph of the pump manufacturer.

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