International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Theory of Motion of Matter on the Formation of Galaxy and Star
Baosheng TANG

The basic reason of motion of matter in space of nature is energy variation; Energy variation facilitates the motion of matter which will result in mass variation. Energy variation causes the mass and density of matter to change: one result is the decrease of mass; the other one is the increase of mass. The mutual conversion process of matter and energy is also the evolution process of celestial bodies. Relation of Theory of Motion of Matter is . During both galaxy’s and star’s primordial stages of formation, the combination of two matter systems with relative motion cause the variation of mass and density. The non-synchronized motion between matter flow systems of large-scale diffuse interstellar nebula in space, comparatively speaking, is relative motion, which is a kind of retardation effect. It can change the motion direction of diffuse matter into equidirectional rotary motion in a certain space, that is,C2˜0. Regional material whose relative motion first combines with other’s will superimpose with the other material and become the primordial galaxy nebula’ or primordial stellar nebula’ central core area with an increased density. After the energy variation in relative motion, part of matter centralizes into center area with high density; counterforce of another part of matter radiates into outer space, thus forms relative motion with diffuse matter and changes the direction of diffuse matter’s motion, which leads to movement to center area of interstellar nebula. This butterfly-effect variation mode is a basic mode of cosmic matter evolving into galaxy and star; is a basic rule to centralize diffuse matter to form celestial bodies. The dynamic energy of diffuse matter particles play a leading role in evolution process of cosmic matter, celestial bodies, which instead has nothing to do with universal gravitation. Two interstellar nebula systems of diffuse matter combine together during relative motion, and bring about a galaxy with barred spiral galaxy shape (Figure 2). Mutual effect of interior matter of one interstellar nebula system during the motion process forms a galaxy with eddy galaxy shape (Figure 1). Barred spiral galaxy evolves from the combination of xenomas, while eddy galaxy evolves from monomer. However, two matter flow systems of mainstream motion will occur during the process of galaxy formation, whether it is evolvement from allergenic’ combination or from monomer. Two mainstream matter systems move relatively and mutual effect between matters in different spaces generates separate primordial stellar nebula with eddy shape. Among temporal, only the combination of relative motion of matter systems can result substantial change. Relative motion’s compressing times is in proportional to density, but inversely proportional to volume. Galaxy’s formation process is also the formation of primordial stellar nebula and star. Primordial galaxy nebula as well as primordial stellar nebula is a summated matter system, coming into being after the combination of matter system with relative motion during the process of evolvement, that is, 1 (1 1 ) 1 1 1 2 1 2 n ? ? ? , and the process of large-scale cold and dark interstellar nebula evolving into galaxy and star is just like creatures multiplying descendents; Only the combination of two matter can generate new individuals, which is a rule of matter variation in nature. The combination of animals and plants xenomas can generate many individuals; the combination of matter systems in large-scale cold and dark interstellar nebula forms many primordial galaxy nebulas, and primordial galaxy nebula evolves into many separate primordial stellar nebulas. Stars are basic celestial bodies in space. After diffuse matter in primordial galaxy centralizes into the center of respective separate primordial star, scorching mutual effect occurs between little part of surrounding matter and center nucleus substance, which bombard the energy level to rise just like thunder, and to cause nuclear reaction giving birth to stars.

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