International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Food Security Indicators, Distribution and Techniques for Agriculture Sustainability in Pakistan
Sana Arshad, Adila Shafqat

Safe production and secure food supply is one of the major need of low income countries. Initially the concept of food security focused on availability and price regulation on food commodities. Environmental conditions are continuously changing and sustainable development risk factors are mounting with the increasing of urban population in developing countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, etc. The issues of food crisis like famine and hunger are subjectively investigated after 1970s due to global environmental change. Thus the concept of food security encompasses availability, accessibility and utilization of food stuff in populated part of the world. Food insecurity exists if the people don’t have equal physical, social, or economic access of food. Food insecurity is the result of several factors like poverty, health conditions, gender equity, availability of water, sustainable environmental conditions, farming and livestock changes, natural disasters, population growth and rapid urbanization. The role of agriculture is most significant in addressing the issue of food security in low income countries like Pakistan. Agriculture should be able to support population growth for eradicating poverty and hunger which is the ultimate causes of food insecurity. Sustainable agriculture gives the concept of using natural resources in the place of high input fertilizers to maintain the ecosystem services as well as safe and secure food. The objectives of paper include, analyzing the food security indicators at districts levels in Pakistan. Moreover the paper discusses the issues of agriculture including demand and supply of agricultural production. The concept of Agro-ecosystem has not yet attained great importance for sustainable food production and supply. Agro ecosystem focuses on increases production along with sustainable management of ecosystem services. The paper will conclude an approach of agro ecosystem for managing agricultural landscape to ensure sustainability and food security in 21st Century. The paper will also provide agriculturalist stakeholders, advisors and policy makers with state of art knowledge of agro ecosystem to maintain profitable and sustainable agri-practices in farm lands of Pakistan.

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