International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Public Involvement on Environment Issues in Kuala Krai and Jeli District, Kelantan, Malaysia
Mohammad Ghazi Ismail, Haliza Abdul Rahman

Problem statement Environmental problems are too complex to be solved through scientific, technical and purely legal approaches. Thus, comprehensive public involvement and participation are needed. This study carried out in Kuala Krai and Jeli district, Kelantan, Malaysia with 390 respondents involved in each of them. Approach Major method of study was used investigation question form. This study compared the extent to which a significant correlation (p), Mean (M) and Standard Deviation (SD) of the studied demographic factors as gender, age, race, religion, income, education and the respondent lived with the knowledge of environmental issues, environmental local environment and constraints factors involved in environmental issues at the research areas. Chi-square test is used to study demographic factor association with respondent’s knowledge for environmental issue. Results Comparison of demographic factors with knowledge of the respondents of research areas on environmental issues shown that there is relationship for respondent’s incomes and education level for Kuala Krai with respective p values is 0.039 and 0.046. For Jeli, relationship is shown for the education factor with the p value is 0.036. The relationship between demographic factors with knowledge of the local environment issues by respondent in the research areas shown there is relationship to ages, incomes and education with their respective p values is 0.000, 0.029, 0.003 for Kuala Krai and 0.012, 0.046, 0.012 for Jeli. As for the relevance of demographic factors of respondents with the constraints factors to be involved on environmental issues shown a relationship for the factors of ages, incomes and education with the p values is 0.036, 0.041, 0.001 for Kuala Krai and 0.028, 0.007, 0.026 for Jeli. Conclusion This research find out that factors demographic of the respondents can influenced their knowledge about the environmental issues in both research area and they also agreed that the public involvement in issues environmental issues is very important in ensuring the quality of the environment is always protected and well as help the government formulate strategies to implement sustainable development.

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