International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Strategic Review of Financial Structure of Iran’s Local Management (Case study: Islamic council of Tehran metropolis)
Mohammad Rahim Rahnama, Mohamad Hadi Javid, Mostafa Shamshirband, Seyed Ali Hossien pour, Maryam Ebrahim pour

Strategic view in management is a necessity rather than a choice. Systematic view in urban management is an inevitable principle. Desirable managing of cities, especially metropolises, is impossible without integrated urban management and also integrated urban management is the same as systematic view that is made by strategic view. Systematic view and integrated urban management are duties which must be done by proctors and especially Tehran’s Islamic city council according to real facts of a metropolis such as Tehran in different aspects. Supplying stable and necessary financial sources in order to manage an extensive city like Tehran, known as one of the most fundamental issues in field of Tehran urban management. This council must naturally be able to select its own especial strategies to optimize the use of available limited sources and reach the goals of urban management. Strategies that on one hand are in line of Tehran Islamic City Council’s viewpoints and on the other hand will be result from council’s assignments. Theoretically and methodologically, this research is based on structuralism and historical-genetical analysis on strategic and macro level. This research had been done according to documental-librarian studies and help of guideline review of Tehran Islamic City Council and qualitative analysis in four ways, in order to reach the methodology of strategic economical programming in Tehran city. Based on findings through this research knowing necessities and preferences of Tehran citizens (having respect to citizens) and having healthy and permanent incomes must be the basis and criterion in decision making and political programming for Tehran metropolis and all of the above are impossible without guideline and strategic view.

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