International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Strategic Study and Analysis of Knowledge Based Network Economy in Governmental Organizations Case study: Shahrvand Services Company of Tehran municipality
Seyed Ali Hossien pour, Mohamad Hadi Javid, Hamidreza Mahmeli Abyaneh, Fahimeh Yari

Strategic view isn’t a choice but it’s a necessity in management. Knowledge, deep thinking, all-out view, realistic idea and mature management all are necessary for management. In recent years, popularity of computer and computer networks raised a new phenomena named Ebusiness and had been revolutionized most of concepts, basics and economical theories, as word of Webonomic had substituted the traditional word or Economics. Future belongs to organizations that coordinate themselves with new reality and its necessities. It is impossible to predict future certainly, but it can be said daringly that “Virtual Organizations” will be the dominant organizational forms in twenty first century. As Charles Hendi said: “If we have offices in the future, it will looks like a club. A place for appointment, eating and welcoming. It is a necessary need in response to complicate and dynamic conditions which are dominant on today organizations. Most of organizations are moving from stable and simple environment toward complicate and dynamic one. In such a condition not only growth but also survival of companies will be in danger. Therefore, nowadays most of organizations need to revolutionize business models and make some new paradigms in order to maintain their growth and survival. The main goal of this research is recognizing facts which are effective on network economy with making stable economy and globalization in Tehran municipality’s Shahrvand services company. Theoretically and methodologically, this research had made made based on structuralism and historical- formative analysis and in strategic and macro levels. This research had been done in documental- library method and qualitative analysis in several lines and with the goal of reaching to methodology of financial optimum in Shahrvand organization. According to findings of this research, as this is a services organization, it seems that organizational structures are farther than hierarchy structures. Also, internal culture of organization could play an important role in making goals of organizational stable economy and reinforce results of organization.

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