International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Vol. 4, No. 7; December 2014

Table of Contents

Structural and Architectural Designs of the Optimum Alternative for Rio 2016 Olympic Tennis Stadium
Mohammad Alhassan, Bruno Carvalho, Eduardo Sztrajtman, Andres Montenegro
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Using 3D Visualization to Optimize a Road Construction
Besnik Camaj
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Multi-Agent System for Integration Process Business and Ontologies for the Government Online Strategy
Maria Claudia Bonfante, Juan Pablo Paz, Andrés Castillo
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Blood Vascular Changes Associated with Chronic Active Multiple Sclerosis Plaques: Detection by Anti-Human Brain Vascular Endothelia-Specific Monoclonal Antibodies
Michael O. Ibiwoye, Christian Clement, Joseph O. Olubadewo, Alberto E. Musto, Timothy A. Foster, John C. Broome, Daniel Crooks
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Soil CO2 Emission Induced by Tillage Machines
János Péter Rádics, István J. Jóri, László Fenyvesi
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On Vector-valued Littlewood-Paley Theorem
Adam M. Ali
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Providing the Sustainability with the Pozzuolana Concrete Used in Foundation
Research Asisstant Dr. Zuhal Şimşek
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Transesterification of Palm Stearin Methyl Ester and Triethanolamine: An Alternative Technology for Esterquats Production
Haliza Abdul Aziz, Zainab Idris, Hazimah Abu Hassan
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Statistical Study on the Prevalence of Anxiety Disorder among in Hospitals Staff Using Zung Scale
Hadeel Salim, Al Kutubi Hasanain, Sadiq Abakah
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Research on Wear Rate and Mechanical Properties of Brake Sabots (Shoes) Used in Railway Rolling Stocks
Dr. Ahmet Akkus, Mukadder Yeğin
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Mineralogical and Geotechnical Characteristics of the Loose Weathered Trachytes of Fongo-Tongo (West-Cameroon)
Armand Sylvain Ludovic Wouatong, William Hyoumbi Tchungouelieu, François Ngapgue, Valentine Katte, Véronique Kamgang Kabeyene Beyala
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Impact of Forestry Products on Climate Change Mitigation in India
Sujatha D, Pandey C. N, Nath S.K
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Analysis of the Impact of Land Use Change on Tidal Flood in Kendari City
Sitti Marwah, La Ode Alwi
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Influence of Age in Concrete Structures by Means of Core Testing
Jesús Herminio Alcañiz Martínez, Miguel Louis Cereceda, Ana Lasheras Estrella
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