International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

ISSN 2221-0997 (Print), 2221-1004 (Online) 10.30845/ijast

Design with Nature in Bio-Architecture Whit emphasis on the Hidden Rules of Natural Organism
Mohamad Reza Pourjafar, Hadi Mahmoudinejad, Omid Ahadian


Engineers, designers and architects often look to nature for inspiration. The research on ‘natural constructions’ is aiming at innovation and the improvement of architectural quality. The introduction of life sciences terminology in the context of a2rchitecture delivers new perspectives towards innovation in architecture and design. The investigation is focused on the analogies between nature and architecture. From the time immemorial, human beings have been accompanied with the nature and natural organisms. These interactions sometimes lead to different and contradictory paradigms but the natural organisms have always been the inspiring sources for humans. Mother Nature has devotes its countless gifts and resources generously to human beings to be able to develop their civilizations all over the world. Each with its own culture, beliefs, values, traditions, attitudes and ethics; are the elements of people differentiation in different societies. In the other hand, we are nature. So, we should respect and learning from nature. However, they necessarily not always successful as degree of their success depended upon their perception and understanding of the nature of organisms. Later, some biological comparisons were introduced focusing on formal and structural aspects to have wider perspective about the nature of the organisms and new rules and regulations. These gave rise to critical faults and disadvantages. Like human beings themselves, their architectures possess integral, united and harmonic system that is demonstrated in the best possible form in the natural organisms. The present work attempts to introduce some of the principles, rules and regulations related to the natural organism and then describes how to apply those organisms in architecture. Finally, it realizes the ways of going beyond the motional principles in order to attain a multidimensional humanistic architecture.


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